AY11/12 Events Round Up!

Was tidying up the social network account, and realise I haven’t been updating this space much! TSK TSK!

So like what many like to do at the end of every year, let’s have a sum-up for the things we Greenies had done for the past one year before we move on to the new AY!

1) Bloom Your Heart

To celebrate the festival of love, Green Club held a workshop, teaching participants to create flowers out of plastic and vase out of plastic bottles. Through this activity, we hope to bring across the idea of “reducing our buy” so as to reduce the waste produce from our buy.

2) Green Day

For this year’s Green Day, instead of focusing on just the greens, we decide to bring animals into the picture.  We brought in some merchandise from SPCA to help to raise funds for SPCA. Adding on to that, we also screened Earthlings, a movie which includes hidden camera footage of humanity’s use of animals, as pets, food, clothing, entertainment and for scientific research.

3) “Save the Pen” Bin

We have heard of recycling paper, plastic, metal, but have you heard of recycling pens? Located at the entrance of the library, “Save the Pen” bin is an ongoing project that aims to provide pens with a second life! So if your pens have run out of ink, just drop by the library and throw your pens in!

4) Vermicomposting Bin

A vermicomposting bin is a bin filled with Earthworms which help to decompose food scraps. The end product is a high-nutrient form of compost that can be used to fertilize the soil. This is yet another ongoing project carried out by NIE Green Club. The bin is located at NIE Green House and FCS have been kindly donating food scraps to us since the bin’s arrival!

this is how a vermicomposting bin looks like!

Of course, besides holding events, we Greenies attend events held by other clubs too!

Inter-Club Masterchef Challenge organized by FCS Club!

Club Jeux’s 4th Birthday celebration at the Decoder’s Cafe.

BA Birthday Bash!

BA/BSc FOC 2012

Dancefuzion’s Recess Alter Ego: Metamorphosis.

And of course, our own club bonding session + meetings!

Bloom Your Heart.

Looking for a gift that’s meaningful and sustainable for Valentine’s Day?

Look no further! Green Club is here to help!

To spread the love this Valentine’s Day, NIE Green Club is conducting a workshop on flowers making using recycled materials. Besides being able to endure the toughest weather, these flowers are also a great expression of love due to the effort put in to make them.

We have also prepared some materials for you to make your very own gift card to go with your lovely roses. What’s more appropriate than giving handmade flowers and cards filled with love this Valentine?

Date : 15th February 2012

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Venue: NIE Amphitheatre

Do fill out our spreadsheet in the link attached below to reserve a place by 8th February!


Hope to see you at the workshop!

Be there or be square.

In Touch with Nature: Berkelah Water Fall

Just a month (and few days) ago, some greenies, namely Michelle, Grace and Hwee Jian, went for a trekking trip to Berkelah Water Fall, Pahang, Malaysia, with some other NIE students. (Click here to find out more about Berkelah Water Falls)

After travelling for about 9 hours, the trekkers finally reached their destination!

Getting ready to start their trek! © Stephen D Cruz

The stream at the lower end of the water fall

Some of the trekkers posing for the camera

The trekking starts here! @ Stephen D Cruz

The route that's filled with boulders! © Stephen D Cruz

Happy Michelle under the arch of bamboos

The route (root) of anti-slipping

Sights/ Objects spotted along the way! © Stephen D Cruz

After trekking for about 10 minutes, they finally reached the first tier!

The First Tier © Nurfadilah Rahman

Looks like someone forgot his/her drink

Despite having truckloads of fun scrambling across the boulders, the trekkers had to move on so as to accomplish the goal of reaching the seventh tier! But before that, they need to get to their camp site, set up their tents and put down their luggage.

Having fun at the water near our camp site! © Stephen D Cruz

 Once the trekkers settled done and had regained their energy, they set off to conquer the falls!

Waiting for their turn to overcome the "rope obstacle" © Stephen D Cruz

And one wrong step might mean swimming down the stream *freaked out* But putting aside the scary thoughts, the view there was undeniably beautiful. © Stephen D Cruz

And they saw pitcher plant along the way! © Stephen D Cruz

Group photo (with Stephen standing behind the camera) © Stephen D Cruz

And after trekking for at least 30minutes, and many OMG-WHY-TAKE-SUCH-A-DANGEROUS-PATH moment, the trekkers finally got to the seventh tier!!!

© Nurfadilah Rahman

Enjoying the cool weather and the chilling water! @Nurfadilah Rahman

After resting at the seventh tier for some time, the trekkers once again made their way back to camp site via the treacherous road! And along the way, part of the team disappeared! Turned out they took a different route (which they claimed was less scary), HAHAH!

Getting back to camp site, it’s time to bathe and have their meal! To prevent polluting the water, no shampoo and soap were allowed when bathing, so all that could be done was soak themselves in water (with clothes on, of course!).

Sorry, no photography when bathing.

Enjoying the yummilicious dinner prepared by our guides! © Stephen D Cruz

A while after the trekkers are done with their dinner, the sky turned dark, and with no street lamp and electrical plug, most decided to head back into their tent for a good rest after the exhausting trek.

The next morning, the trekkers woke up at 0800 for breakfast before heading to their next destination, but before that…

GROUP PHOTO! © Stephen D Cruz

And one more shot before we leave Hutan Lipur Berkelah!

© Stephen D Cruz

After travelling for quite some time, and passing by many skinny moomoos,

they reached their next destination! Presenting to all of you,

whereby they had to climb quite a long flight of stairs before they can get to the cave!

There was another long, frail-looking metal stairs which needed to be conquer before getting to the cave, but I supposed everyone was too busy freaking out, that’s why no photo was taken!

Inside the cave I

In the cave II

Emerging from the cave, the trekkers then headed to Sungei Lembing, where they would be accommodating at for the night. Entering the town, the trekkers were welcomed by a rare sight. A town that looks untouched by modernization.

Check out their accommodation!

Being (future) teachers who are thirsty for knowledge, the trekkers decided to get to the museum to learn about the development of Sungei Lembing!

The trekkers who refused to let Rizal take his solo shot!

Next up, was a visit to the place whereby Channel 8 Drama Kampong Tie was filmed at!

After exploring the area, the trekkers made their way back to their hostel and had their dinner. Thereafter, some headed for night cycling, while others remained in the hostel to have their own fun, like *censored*. They ended up htht’ing till 3am before heading to bed.

Next day, after having breakfast, and a slight exploration around the town, the trekkers packed and made their trip to Johor Bahru’s Danga City Mall for a paintball session!

All ready for some shooting!

After an intense fight with the blue team claiming victory (I think), the trekkers bade Malaysia goodbye and head back home. But of course, not without having another photo taken!

Home sweet home =)

Greenies’ 30th September 2011 Great Escape!

Long long ago, when assignments were like buffet (eat whatever you can at your own pace), the Greenies escaped from the prison built with notes for a one-day retreat, together with Greenies supporter, Shize!
The first bunch of Greenies who escaped includes:
From left to right: Ruseediah, Sarah, Shize, Michelle, Mariam & Chloe
And the first place they went to was…

Singapore Flyer!!!

As the Greenies were enjoying the beautiful (breathtaking would be an overstatement) view of Singapore, two of the Greenies can’t help but wonder…

“When would we next experience such freedom again?”

But before the depressing thoughts could get them, the other Greenies came along, and got these two smiling like sunshine again!

The Greenies flashing their white teeth!

 They had such a good time that they were all each wearing a smile that can light up the whole town when they leave the flyer!

Despite the good time, Shize, Ruseediah and Sarah soon found themselves making their way back to the prison built with notes, but Sarah Lee and Elaine managed to make their way to join in the fun!

So together with the two “newcomers” and the special guest of the day, ex-President of BSc Club – Sam, the Greenies made their way to Plaza Singapura’s Pizza Hut for lunch! Special guest, Sam, provided the Greenies with valuable advices on ___________ (confidential issues, so I can’t tell you ^^) over lunch, making the Greenies feel more confident towards our Green Future =D! MANY THANKS TO SAM!

After their satisfying meal, the Greenies decided to head down to the supermart for some exercise! They walked around the supermart so as to train the muscles of their leg, and lifted bags of chips off the shelves so as to train the muscles of their arms. Realising that those bags of chips were effective in training their arms, they bought back a truckloads of them, and took turn carrying them. Good thinking of the Greenies, since overtraining can cause muscle strain.

Together with their newly-bought weights, the Greenies headed down to Vivocity to collect the two lost sheep, I mean Greens, Zul and Hwee Jian! However, Zul was so lost that it took him forever to find the meeting place. So while waiting, the girls had a game with Life & Death! Kidding, they played the card game ‘Life’ actually! Well, the card game is ‘Life’ and you are supposed to ‘die’ when you hit 70 in the game, so it’s not wrong of me to say they had a game with Life & Death, is it?

Cards of Life spreaded out on the floor!

And through the game, we found out that… ELAINE WANTS TO GET MARRIED BADLY! In fact, she wants it so badly that she…


Apparently whoever’s up there saw how devastated she was, and decided to be nice to her by bestowing her a “marriage” card.


With the arrival of Zul, the Greenies made their way to their second hangouts of the day, COASTA SANDS SENTOSA RESORTS!

Not knowing that there was a shuttle bus service to the resort, the Greenies, took a tram and ended up having to trek to the other entrance of the resort. That was when they realised how grateful they were for the great companion and the greeneries surrounding them! And after 15 minutes of trekking, the Greenies finally reached their destination!

Opening the door of their room, they found….

The two comfortable beds of the resort

The frigde and its touch-and-pay content!

The TV which only shows Mediacorp's channels!

Upon settling down, the Greenies got serious and started on their long, intensive meeting to discuss the direction which the club should be steered towards in the upcoming academic year. Plans were also made for the upcoming year’s events which have to meet the 4As of NIEGreen Club’s mission: Awareness (of nature in SG), Accumulation (of knowledge on the environment), Appreciation (beauty of nature) & Action (sharing what we have learnt) . Such a pity I can’t share them with you, ’cause it’s CONFIDENTIAL, but I must say, those programs spell FUN and EXCITEMENT! So stay tunes to our WordPress (which is this space), Facebook & Twitter for more updates alright!

Back to the retreat!

So after a long meeting, it’s time to let the hair down and HAVE SOME FUN! Sad to say, Hwee Jian had to leave, but fret not, ’cause Grace and Vincent (another Greenie supporter) & family joined the group! But before I go into that…

The Greenies & their crazy poses while camwhoring!

I mean what’s a retreat without camwhoring?

So anyway, shortly after the Greenies were done with their camwhoring, Vincent and his family arrived!

Vincent's three adorable kids who got everyone's attention!

So while the kids are busy eating and playing card games, the adults were…

What?! Busy playing card games too?!?!?!

(Top to bottom: Chloe & Sarah)

Hmmm, if Mariam, Zul, Grace, Elaine & Vincent are busy with the cards, Chloe & Sarah are taking photos, then where’s Michelle???

Spotted, she’s hiding in another corner while using laptop!

I wonder what she's busy with...

And after a long long wait, the BBQ’s food was finally delivered, BUT… the delivery man forgot to bring along the charcoal!!! So poor Greenies had to bear with their hunger and wait, and wait, and wait… Ok, that’s not what happened! ‘Cause Powerpuff Vincent, was there to save the day!

While Powerpuff Vincent was starting the fire using the caveman’s way,

Powerpuff Vincent starting fire!

his two kids stood by the side, and watched with admiration!

"Daddy is awesome!"

And soon, the fire was ready to cook some food…


And more food…



And what’s a BBQ without taking photos with the prettiest girl of the night!

The 2 awesome photographers with the pretty lil girl!

Like what Nelly Furtado sang, all good things come to an end. So after the BBQ is over, everyone headed back home, besides Mariam and Sarah, who stayed over. After checking out early in the morning at 8am the next day, they both went back to the prison of notes, and worked hard for a future they call theirs.

For more photos, check out our 300911 Club Retreat + Outing photo album on Facebook.

17th Executive Committee.

After a round of interview session on Monday, we have deliberated long and hard, and finally have come up with a final decision on a team that we feel can do an excellent job in bringing Green Club to greater heights!

Presenting to you, the new 17th EXCO!

Chairperson: Mariam
Vice Chairperson: (Interim) Sarah Lee; (Incoming) Zul
Secretary: Grace
Treasurer: Ruseediah
Assistant Treasurer: Michelle
Special Project Officer: Siti Sarah; Velvet
Publicity: Elaine
Publications (IT and Media) Officer): Hwee Jian
Photographer: Chloe Ong

May we bring the club to greater heights! 🙂